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About Us

Journal of Chinese Humanities (JOCH) is a peer-reviewed English-language extension of Wen Shi Zhe (Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy), one of mainland China’s most respected humanities journals. 

The peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Chinese Humanities, is an English-language extension of Literature, History and Philosophy (Wen Shi Zhe 《文史哲》), a famous Chinese journal published by Shandong University. The content is not restricted to one aspect of Chinese culture but rather spans important topics within the fields of Chinese history, philosophy, and literature. It covers both traditional and modern areas of research. Importantly, as opposed to most English language journals that treat on Chinese studies, this journal aims to represent the current research coming out of mainland China. Thus each issue is composed primarily of articles from Chinese scholars working at Chinese institutions, while at the same time including a small number of articles from foreign authors to provide perspectives. This way, top scholars in China can be read in the Western world, and our Western readers benefit from a native perspective and first hand material and research coming out of China.

Every issue is theme-based, focusing on an issue of common interest to the academic community both within and outside China. The majority of articles relate directly to the central theme, but each issue also accepts a limited number of articles not directly related to the current theme. This journal primarily targets academics in the English-speaking world who are interested in multiple aspects of Chinese civilization and humanities. It is of interest to both scholars and advanced students, both specialists and informed readers. It aims to become one of the best windows for western readers to deepen their understanding of Chinese literature, history and philosophy.


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Wang Xuedian


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